Technical Help With This Site

How to use this Site

Using this site is simple, but it will take you three clicks to find your first puzzle. With over 4 million puzzles on the site, we couldn't put them all on a single page! Instead,

  • Follow the link marked "Word Lists". This leads a page with a big long list of ranges of words.
  • Click on a word range, and you'll come to another page, this one with a list of individual words.
  • For each individual word, there is a page (or sometimes several pages) of links to individual puzzles.
  • You'll know when you've found a puzzle page - the puzzle will be clearly visible in big bold letters!

Solutions to the Puzzles

Each puzzle page has a 'Solver' that knows how to find the solution for you. The Solver is, in fact, a Java applet.

On each puzzle page, you'll see a link maked 'Show Solution'. Try to solve the puzzle first, and only click the link if you're stuck! When you click it, wait a few seconds while the Solver is loaded, and thinks about the puzzle. Then, the solution will be displayed - again, in big, bold letters!

If something doesn't work...

If you can't see the solutions... Each puzzle page has a link you can click to show the solution to the puzzle. This link will only work if your browser has a working java plugin, and if javascript is enabled.

If your browser's java plugin is not working, it can be a very easy problem to fix, or a very complex one - depending on your browser and operating system. Your browser might have already invited you to download and install the plugin, especially if you are using a popular web browser on a popular operating system. If you are using a less common operating system or browser, it might be more complicated. Search the web for "Install java plugin" and the name of your browser and operating system (eg, 'install java plugin firefox linux') and follow the instructions you find.

You can test your browser here