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Copyrights for "A Lifetime's Supply"

This page explains what you can and cannot do, with the contents of this site. All the contents are copyright, but I give you some permissions to use the contents of the site in certain ways. The aim? To maximize the fun for everyone! Read on for more details...

What you can do with individual puzzles

You can make as many copies as you like of individual puzzles - email them to your friends, print them into birthday cards, put them in your newsletter, website or blog - even on a regular basis! We ask that for mass distribution, you acknowledge where you got the puzzles, for example via a link back to

Essentially, the individual puzzles are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivs license.

The Individual Puzzles:
Creative Commons License
This work by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

What you can do with the whole collection

The whole collection, however, should not be copied. Nor should you make copies of significant portions of the site.

I'm confused! Can you give some examples?

Sure! Here's a few examples of how people might want to use the site, and what we think of the suggestions...

  • Barry runs a website of word puzzles. He picks out twenty of the puzzles, puts them in a PDF file, and uploads it to his website. Then he announces his new cryptarithm puzzle page in his email newsletter. We say : Hope your visitors like the puzzles! Don't forget to link to us! 
  • Charlene is the editor for the puzzle page (page 7) of a weekly magazine. She's received a few letters from readers asking for cryptarithm puzzles, so she starts picking out a puzzle from the site each week. Her readers love it, and subscriptions begin to increase. She wonders if this is allowed. We say : Sure, just make sure something like "Puzzles from" is printed near the puzzles. 
  • Esther is a curriculum adviser for a large chain of private schools. She includes two dozen of these puzzles in a set of syllabus guidance documents distributed to the fifth grade teachers within their group. These teaching guides are sold to other schools as well. The teacher's notes say "Puzzles copyright Polytope Media", without the website, and the photocopiable student handouts don't mention us at all. We say : We're always glad to help kids learn!
  • Frank decides to post a weekly puzzle on the wall above the water cooler at work. He forgets to credit us in any way. We say : Not a problem, Frank, we hope your colleagues enjoy the puzzles!
  • Giselle likes the letter G so much, she downloads all the puzzles starting with G from this site, and puts them on her own. We say : Sorry, Giselle, although we appreciate your hobby, we'd rather you didn't do that.

Hope that makes sense!